About ReachPlanet.com


ReachPlanet was created by Sean Busa, a church planter and senior pastor of RealLife Church in 2008. I've been in ministry in leading/pastoral roles for over 30 years. I work as a bivocational pastor who works as a software engineer for the worlds largest internet marketing company. My primary job responsability in my day job is to write APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) which talk to or get data from some of the worlds largest search and social media companies. ReachPlanet code started when I was a worship pastor as part of a single church website. It was initially written as a tool to manage worship team songs and to manage the worship team schedule.
I also recognized the need to add people to a rotating schedule to various activities and roles, so I added the role and access based functionality with teams in mind. During our first church plant in 2010, we expanded the capabilities to add Finance management, and a database of contacts, vendors, equipment, and locations. ReachPlanet was built from the ground up to add people to permissions to perform certain functions and allow team leaders to manage their own team scheduling. It wasn't long after that we developed the child checkin and background screening to support our children's ministry. In 2020 we started our Bible college so we added a module to allow organizations to run their own online schools. Next I determined that it would be useful to add bibles and study tools so that we could present and send scriptures to our 'Pulpit' application (digital pulpit works with vMix web intefaces so that the preacher can control when items are shown on local and streamed screens). Next we added the ability for group communication through group email and texting shortly after 2020 when Covid-19 hit our church and we started streaming. Our latest updates included the support for other languages.

My hope is that ReachPlanet will be a blessing to your church, no matter what it's size, in developing teams and events that will expand Jesus' kingdom throughout the earth. It was important to me to be able to provide an cost affordable integrated solution to people who were tired of managing so many different platforms to manage their church. I feel that our price is able to be competitive because it's run by one person. Revenues generated are used to help us plant churches. I also hope that it will someday allow me to enter into full-time ministry without having to take an income from my local church. This is a conviction of mine, so that the kingdom of heaven can expand at a greater rate.

~ Pastor Sean Busa Founder of ReachPlanet.com